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Lead Generation Benchmark

Benchmark lead generation for your business

Successful lead generation requires a combination of multiple elements or enablers. These are made up of skills, processes and resources among others that come together coherently to deliver the quality and quantity of leads needed for the business.

While most businesses have lead generation programmes in place, they often feel that the programme is not delivering to its full potential or not delivering at all. However they are unable to realise the factors causing it or the areas of improvements that need addressing.

At Shaping Business, we have worked with over 150 organisations to develop their lead generation programme and to help them improve their lead generation capability. Based on the years of experience and specialism in lead generation, we have developed a Lead Generation Benchmarking Audit. The audit enables you to assess your current approach to Lead Generation by focusing on the 12 key enablers of lead generation.

The audit, which is a short questionnaire, should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete. On completion of the benchmark, we will get back to you by email, with a radar chart analysis of your Lead Generation capability and recommendations on the key areas you could focus on to effectively generate more leads.

Your responses to this questionnaire will be regarded as confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties without your permission. Any publication of information relating to the Lead Generation Audit will be anonymised to ensure no individual or company can be identified.

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