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Marketing Insights

25 Jul 2014

New service launched to identify your website visitors

We are pleased to formally launch a valuable service to help B2B firms generate more business leads from the website. Nurture Web Leads is a hosted service that works in a similar way to Google Analytics, but instead of just providing statistics on web visitors it actually identifies who the company is that is visiting your website! This provides you with the opportunity to proactively target your web visitors with relevant content and messages.

04 Jun 2014

Resourcing and funding lead generation

Through our Lead Generation Workshops we have met almost 100 businesses keen to turn an aspiration to grow into a reality. Lead Generation is consistently regarded as the engine that can drive this growth. So why are some businesses really successful in Lead Generation and some not?

In truth, there are different contributory factors for different businesses but these can all be summed up in one word – execution. Those that have been successful have embraced the structure we shared and executed this well within their business. In one of our most successful examples a client more than doubled their customer base and increased sales by 30% within 12 months. That perfectly highlights

29 Jan 2014

How much of your marketing budget is wasted?

For many of us the new financial year starts in April and in the period January to March we turn our attention to business planning. How many of us look back and really scrutinise the previous year and use the learnings to influence our future plans? Instead, it is not uncommon for Senior Managers to start their planning with the same spreadsheet from the previous year and just edit some of the numbers. This particularly seems to be the case for Marketing Budgets. I have lost count of the number of times a client has significant spends allocated to Exhibitions or Conferences on the basis that “we always attend that one”. Inevitably we ask the question why and what was achieved on the back of that investment. Frequently, the reality is the investment is habitual rather than rational or emotional.

Marketing spend Vs value
This is just part of a bigger question, which is; are we getting value for our marketing spend?

19 Dec 2013

TEDx Salford – The power of WHY

I am fortunate to have been part of the largest TEDx event in the UK i.e. TEDx Salford. On the 10th November 2013 I was part of the team that organised a full day conference; attended by around 1800 people seeking inspiration and motivation by hearing from the leading individuals in their respective fields. TED is a global foundation with the motto ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’. TEDx was introduced by TED in 2009, granting individuals or groups a licence to host local, self-organized TED-like events around the world.

The idea of organising a TEDx event in Salford came to Mishal Saeed. The first event was held in January 2012 and attended by around 160 people. In just 9 months the second event was organised which was the largest independent TEDx event in the UK with approximately 1600+ attendees. A record we have successfully built on with our latest event.

So what has driven that initial event idea to become so successful? Having been part of the team I believe it is the passion and motivation behind it. A passion that has come from understanding ‘why do we want to do this?’ This understanding of WHY has inspired the belief of the team and driven us all with passion and motivation to volunteer ourselves and organise a TED-like event for our local community.

26 Jun 2012

Getting your marketing message clear

We get to meet really interesting professional services firms. What we find particularly fascinating about these businesses is how each one is different. Even when we meet firms that offer broadly similar services they are still fundamentally different. The senior people we meet are accomplished professionals who are clearly experts in their chosen field of specialism. Yet one of the most common issues which quickly becomes apparent is how difficult these firms find it to articulate succinctly their key marketing message. We typically get two different styles of weak messaging in these meetings that fall neatly into what we call the ‘brand agency’ response or the ‘consulting speak’ response.