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Compelling value propositions that generate interest and convert more sales

Your business operates in a competitive market and your buyers are making purchasing decisions based on their perception of the value they will receive. Many businesses fail to clearly articulate their value to prospects. As a result, your buyers are going elsewhere because they cannot identify the value you deliver.

Shaping Business uses a structured framework to help you to redefine your value proposition by building the value around your client. We work with senior stakeholders to provide a valuable independent objective perspective on your business, your products and services and your clients. Our team understand the buyers of professional services and technology solutions and this knowledge is key to the development of a value proposition that concisely articulates the true value of your business to your prospects.

Our value proposition development service will enable you to:

  1. Gain a deeper understanding of your clients needs
  2. Establish how your products and services deliver value
  3. Communicate the value of your solution not just the functions and features
  4. Integrate the customer voice into your value proposition
  5. Strengthen your client relationships via the validation of your client value
  6. Produce compelling value propositions for each of your core markets
  7. Increase sales by tailoring your proposition to specific business opportunities
  8. Identify opportunities to deliver new products and services to clients.

We enable our clients to develop compelling value propositions that generate interest from prospects and convert more sales.