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Losing on price? A sales or marketing challenge

30 Jun 2017

Losing on price? A sales or marketing challenge

At Shaping Business, we meet a lot of technology and professional services firms that have problems converting business opportunities. Many of these businesses claim they have lost opportunities because of the price of their product or services.

It is frequently the case that when a business thinks it has lost on price, the customer has not understood the true value of the product or service to them. So, in reality this is not a sales pricing problem, this is a marketing value proposition and communication challenge.

Watch our video, to identify the underlying signals which tell you that you may have a problem with your value proposition and what you need to do about it.


Are you struggling to develop a strong value proposition? We use a structured framework to help you to redefine your value proposition.

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  • […] Focusing on functions and features – Inevitably these businesses have invested heavily in the technology solution and the development of that solution has emerged by prioritising the functions and features that they believe the market needs/desires. This ‘specification’ is translated directly into the marketing collateral because the business is so close to the technology solution. While buyers may shortlist solutions that meet their functional requirements, that is rarely enough to convert the sale, typically because the buyer doesn’t understand the value delivered, as it is not communicated at all. Watch this video to understand how focus on features and functions results in lost business opportunities. […]

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