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Outcome focused B2B e-learning programmes that develop competency in B2B marketing and deliver tangible business results

The B2B industry faces the challenge of a real gap in marketing knowledge, skills and competency. Professionals that specialise in B2B marketing are hard to find and recruit. Equally the time, cost and effort it takes to develop a B2B marketing professional’s competency is significant and there is a tendency for marketers to move jobs regularly. As a result, B2B companies need an effective means of rapidly developing B2B marketing competency to ensure their marketing teams quickly deliver value to the business.

The B2B e-learning programmes offered by the Centre of Excellence in B2B Marketing (a brand of Shaping Business Limited) are aimed at addressing this skills and competency gap in B2B Marketing. These e-learning programmes provide an innovative approach to learning, with highly structured e-learning programmes that reinforce learning, assessments to measure knowledge applied and practical activities to transform knowledge gained into competency.

The outcome focused B2B e-learning programmes with 1-to-1 coaching support enable you to:

  1. Develop competent B2B marketing teams
  2. Accelerate the learning curve in B2B marketing and facilitate the transition from B2C into B2B
  3. Deliver credible outcomes at the end of the e-learning programmes which means getting maximum value for your investment
  4. Gain independent insight and analysis of your business strategy, structure and processes
  5. Improve the quality of deliverables and strategic contributions from the marketing teams
  6. Benefit from dedicated 1-to-1 coaching support, to help you to apply the learning and maximise the value
  7. Gain an understanding of the latest marketing and business development best practices.

The e-learning programmes by the Centre of Excellence in B2B Marketing have been developed by highly experienced B2B marketing professionals based on best practice. For more information or to enrol on one of the B2B e-learning programmes, visit the Centre of Excellence in B2B Marketing website.