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Tailored B2B marketing training and capability development programmes to enhance business performance

Marketing and business development practices, skills and models are evolving with the changing times and digital influx. Training and Capability Development Programmes are a fantastic way of exploring these latest best practices, educating your internal teams and implementing the best practice within your business. It really helps in addressing the skills gap and improve the business performance. These programmes bring structure and innovation to the sales and marketing practices within your business.

At Shaping Business, we design and deliver bespoke and tailored B2B marketing training and capability development programmes. Unlike any other conventional training workshops that are highly instructional in nature and do not result in any behavioural change or improved performance, our workshop programmes are highly interactive, grounded in the practical reality of daily business operations and include follow-up coaching programmes to ensure proper application of the learning outcomes. The training programme structure, content, interaction and coaching support is all based around your organisation’s capability needs.

We have delivered B2B marketing training and capability workshop programmes to over 500 businesses across UK and Ireland and have been selected specifically by the public and private Business Support Organisations to design and deliver such programmes.

Our B2B marketing training and capability development programmes enable you to:

  1. Experience a highly interactive, tailored and engaging learning experience
  2. Identify and address capability gaps within your team and any other areas of the business that may need attention
  3. Gain independent insight and analysis of your business strategy, structure and processes
  4. Benefit from post workshop 1-1 coaching support, to embed your help you to apply the learning and maximise the value
  5. Establish actionable outputs from the workshop programmes that are specific to your business
  6. Gain an understanding of the latest marketing and business development best practices.

Our leading workshops include:

  1. Planning for Structured Business Growth
  2. Business to Business (B2B) Lead Generation
  3. Preparing for entering new market or launching new product/service
  4. Engaging & Convincing B2B Buyers
  5. Planning for Brexit 

Our skilled trainers with over 25 years of business experience are committed to providing bespoke marketing training and capability development programmes to enhance your business performance.

What clients say about our B2B marketing training and capability development programmes:

The Strategic Workshop was excellent. It was exciting to be part of and we have achieved far more than I thought was possible within a very short time. – Marketing Services Firm