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18 Oct 2017

Why technology firms struggle with marketing?

Over the years, we have worked with some great technology businesses that have developed innovative and at times disruptive technology solutions. The issues they faced when marketing their business/ technology were strikingly similar. These issues seemed to arise irrespective of whether the founders were undertaking the marketing themselves, or whether they on-boarded a marketing resource or outsourced to a marketing agency.

20 Jun 2017

What does the sales pipeline tell you about your business?

Many businesses view their sales pipeline from a sales management and revenue forecasting perspective. They are so focused on meeting their sales targets that they fail to review and analyse their sales pipeline to understand the real performance of the sales and marketing function in their business.

10 Oct 2016

5 key signs that your lead generation needs attention

In the B2B market implementing an effective lead generation programme is crucial to maintaining a pipeline of sales opportunities. However, many businesses fail to plan ahead to ensure they have enough fresh leads to maintain a healthy level of sales and profit.

25 Jul 2014

New service launched to identify your website visitors

We are pleased to formally launch a valuable service to help B2B firms generate more business leads from the website. Nurture Web Leads is a hosted service that works in a similar way to Google Analytics, but instead of just providing statistics on web visitors it actually identifies who the company is that is visiting your website! This provides you with the opportunity to proactively target your web visitors with relevant content and messages.

04 Jun 2014

Resourcing and funding lead generation

Through our Lead Generation Workshops we have met almost 100 businesses keen to turn an aspiration to grow into a reality. Lead Generation is consistently regarded as the engine that can drive this growth. So why are some businesses really successful in Lead Generation and some not?

In truth, there are different contributory factors for different businesses but these can all be summed up in one word – execution. Those that have been successful have embraced the structure we shared and executed this well within their business. In one of our most successful examples a client more than doubled their customer base and increased sales by 30% within 12 months. That perfectly highlights