Customer Value Proposition Example: Customer Profile

In this fourth video of our Customer Value Proposition series, we share a customer value proposition example to illustrate the value of developing a detailed Customer Profile.

We typically develop a customer profile through a facilitated workshop with our client. In effect, we assemble relevant members of your team, that are familiar with the target customer. Through a structured approach, we enable the team to share their knowledge of the customer. This enables the team to produce key insights about the buyers role, their responsibilities and what the key drivers are for them. Clients are often shocked at the level of detailed information we are able to develop during this session. Our framework ensures that we deliver a comprehensive overview of the customer. This is critical in helping to identify how your products/services deliver value to your customer.

In one Customer Value Proposition Example, the Managing Director acknowledged that it had taken him 3 years to get to know the customer to this level. However, through the power of our approach we were able to capture and communicate the key learnings to the whole team within 45 minutes.

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