Defining your Value Proposition: The Value in Getting It Right

In this last video of our Customer Value Proposition series, we examine how defining your value proposition and getting it right can have such a huge impact in your business.

Defining your Value Proposition statement will of course lead to that headline marketing message that businesses so often seek. A strong and compelling message that focuses on the real value you deliver to your customer. And that is just the beginning. In addition, you get a whole suite of key marketing messages from this exercise, that you can use in your website, your marketing collateral and during your sales meetings. This will ensure that your message is clearer and resonates with your buyer.

The customer value proposition development process that we use also flushes out the kind of content and topics you ought to be developing in order to drive engagement with your buyers. The difference now being that this content will be focused on what the customer actually wants rather than what you think they want.

Finally, this value proposition exercise, will support your sales process. Your sales team will be able to have much more meaningful conversations when in front of potential buyers as a result of having a better understanding of their issues and priorities.

Our customer value proposition development process will not help in defining your value proposition, it will install a new sense of confidence in your products/services and your marketing and sales teams. Ultimately this will play a key role in driving increased conversion rates in your sales pipeline so you can win more business.

You can watch our first video in the series Value Proposition B2B Examples here. If you missed our previous video on Customer Value Proposition Example you can also watch that here.