Develop a multi-channel lead generation plan, using a proven structured framework and get practical advice from experienced practitioners in our highly interactive Lead Generation Workshop

Lead generation workshop

With uncertainty surrounding the market, business leaders are focused on securing sustainable revenue and maintaining business growth. This can only be achieved when you have a consistent flow of high quality business leads in your sales pipeline. Solely focusing on a single route to market limits your ability to do that. You need a focused multi-channel approach to lead generation that is manageable within your budget and resource constraints.

This workshop is a highly practical, interactive and outcome focused full-day programme that helps you deliver a consistent flow of leads and revenue. In this workshop, you will be provided with relevant tools, templates and a structured framework to help develop a multi-channel lead generation programme that delivers better quality leads and a sustainable sales pipeline.

By the end of the workshop, you will have produced a Lead Generation Plan to enable you to implement an effective lead generation engine within your business. 

Delivered to over 500 companies across Europe

By the end of this interactive workshop, you will...

  • Gain a greater understanding of Leads and Lead Qualification
  • Quantify the scale of the sales & marketing challenge for your business 
  • Benchmark your activities now (and in the future) 
  • Structure an approach to focus on generating good quality leads
  • Identify and prioritise customer segments and prospects
  • Identify compelling content to engage prospects
  • Leverage the right marketing channels to build intelligence and gain access
  • Establish the mix of marketing tactics with supporting tools
  • Develop a plan to deliver a successful lead generation programme


Multi-Channel Lead Generation Programme

Lead Generation Benchmark

Lead Generation Action Plan

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