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Insightful B2B market research and analysis to provide clarity of direction and inform your business strategy

Markets are continually changing and evolving. Market leaders rise and fall at an increasingly rapid pace. It is therefore vital for businesses to recognise these economic and industrial shifts and use this knowledge to make informed business decisions. By regularly conducting market research and analysis, B2B businesses can gain thorough information about their customers and identify opportunities to grow and increase profits. The more informed a business is about their market and its competitors, the more likely they are to see the bigger picture and avoid any potential risks.

At Shaping Business, we provide B2B market research and analysis expertise to deliver valuable market insights to inform your business strategy and maintain competitor advantage. Utilising our experience of working with professional services and technology firms, we can easily identify key market sectors and use our resources and research methodologies to allow scope for your business to enter new markets.

Our B2B market research and analysis process will enable you to:

  1. Gather relevant market and competitor information through primary and secondary research
  2. Verify and validate different hypotheses that could influence the business decisions
  3. Develop valuable insights to inform your business strategy
  4. Prepare and plan for changes in the external market and competitive environment
  5. Establish potential growth opportunities and improvement plans for the business
  6. Reduce the levels of risk by making more informed business decisions

Our experienced team are committed to providing highly cost effective market research and analysis, which will help you develop your long term business strategy.

What clients say about our insightful B2B market research and analysis:

The advice we received from Shaping Business has driven us to make specific changes in our approach which has enabled us to win new business. – Recruitment Consultancy