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Effective Operational Marketing & Business Development support to turn strategy into action and achieve your business goals 

One of the greatest challenges for Technology and Professional Services firms is to maintain the momentum in regularly generating good quality leads to feed the sales pipeline. In most cases, these are intangible services with ‘complex sales’ process, ‘long lead times’ and ‘high risk’ purchases. The day-to-day operational marketing plan enables you to continually engage with your target market with the right messaging, using the right tactics and channels to convert more of those leads into prospects and more opportunities into contract wins. It is vital that your marketing activities add value to your prospects otherwise you are in danger of wasting a lot of marketing effort and resources with plummeting results.

At Shaping Business, we provide a comprehensive range of operational marketing services to enable you to achieve your business goals and objectives. We recognise the inextricable link between marketing strategy and operational marketing plan and delivery, and the need for an integrated marketing approach with the appropriate marketing mix for your business. We have a team with a blend of essential B2B marketing skill, experience and expertise that deliver outstanding services to its clients.

Our Operational Marketing Services will enable you to:

  1. Increase brand awareness, reinforce your brand identity and improve engagement with more prospective clients in your target market
  2. Develop segmented and focused target markets and identify the drivers in those markets
  3. Develop compelling marketing messages that maximise your brand and product/service value
  4. Produce more compelling bids and proposal to improve and increase your bid win rates and establish repeatable processes for future bids
  5. Identify the most effective content, channels and tactics to drive engagement in your target market
  6. Deliver an operational marketing programme that has scheduled, costed and resourced over a defined period of time
  7. Establish a key account management model within the business to increase customer lifetime value (CLV)
  8. Monitor, track and optimise the marketing agenda to benchmark the performance, identify leads and feed valuable client and market intelligence back into the sales pipeline.

We have a track record of successfully delivering operational marketing and business development programmes for technology and professional services firms. We provide clarity and accountability in marketing to enable your organisation to get greater value for your marketing spends and achieve better results.