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Identify and mitigate Brexit risks for your business through our interactive and outcome focused Planning for Brexit Business Workshop

Britain’s exit from the European Union is fast approaching. However, the whole Brexit process and potential outcome is shrouded in uncertainty even at this late stage. As a result, businesses are left wondering “What do we even plan for?’’. Our Planning for Brexit Business Workshop is a highly practical, interactive and outcome focused half-day programme. In this workshop, we use an industry-recognised risk management framework to identify and assess the risks associated with Brexit. This framework can be applied to companies of all sizes and has already been successfully implemented by our clients in the UK and the EU, helping them identify the risks and the actions needed to mitigate the risks of Brexit.

By the end of this unique Planning for Brexit Business Workshop, delivered by industry experts, you will gain:

–  A better understanding of the implications of Brexit for SME businesses

–  Clarity on the Brexit risks and opportunities for your business

–  A focus on the key priorities in your business having identified and quantified your Brexit risks

–  An opportunity to consider and discuss as part of a peer group how to mitigate common risks

–  An initial Brexit Action Plan to enable you to start the process of preparing for Brexit

–  A greater confidence in your readiness for Brexit


  1. Brexit planning workbook
  2. Brexit Risk Register
  3. Brexit Action Plan

Our Planning for Brexit Business Workshop will be delivered at two locations Manchester and Macclesfield in October 2018.

–  To register for the workshop in Manchester on the 18th October 2018 click here.

–  To register for the workshop in Macclesfield on the 16th October click here.


Watch this video to better understand the impact of Brexit on business.