Achieving sustainable business growth requires all key elements of the business to work in harmony towards a common goal.

These key elements of business growth include:

Strategic goal setting

Financial management

Value proposition 

Sales and marketing

Operational management

Risk management

By optimising and achieving excellence in these key elements of business, you can sustainably grow your business 

While businesses may have developed a business growth strategy or plan, it is very rare for them to undertake Strategic Benchmarking to assess their strategic capability against best practice...

What does good look like in strategic planning? The starting point is to undertake a Strategic Benchmarking exercise that enables you to assess your current capability and get visibility of what changes you would need to make to improve your capability.

At Shaping Business, we have developed a strategic benchmarking tool for business growth planning. This is based on our extensive experience of helping companies with their growth plans and applying our knowledge of industry best practice.

The strategic benchmarking assessment consists of a short questionnaire that enables you to assess and measure your current performance and capability in strategic growth planning. It identifies the areas that are performing well and areas that need more attention as they may be holding back your growth plan.  The assessment should take no longer than 15-20 minutes to complete.

We have worked with over 100 organisations to benchmark their strategic capability and subsequently help them develop their strategic growth plans.

Strategic Benchmarking Radar Chart

On completion of your Strategic Benchmark assessment, we will get back to you by email, with a radar chart analysis of your strategic capability and performance along with some recommendations on the key areas you could focus on to sustainably grow your business.

Your responses to this strategic benchmark assessment will be regarded as confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties without your permission. Any publication of information relating to the Strategic Benchmarking will be anonymised to ensure no individual or company can be identified. 

strategic benchmarking

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