A specialist agency for Technology Marketing helping you to grow sustainably, build a compelling value proposition and maximise the value in your business.

As a Technology Marketing Agency, in our experience, a common marketing challenge for many technology firms is to clearly and coherently communicate the real value that you offer to your customer. Technology firms typically fall in the trap of focusing on the features and functions of their product/ solution, and as a result, fail to effectively communicate the value that differentiates you in a competitive market. Features and functions can only get you so far in the buying cycle. What truly differentiates you and gets you to the top of the list as the preferred option is the value you offer that addresses your buyer’s needs.

Technology firms also typically struggle to find marketing professionals (internal or agency) who really understand technology. You need marketers who can turn your complex technology into strong, coherent and compelling marketing messages. Many technology firms are frustrated by having to continually explain the technology to marketing people who never seem to really understand it.

As a specialist Technology Marketing Agency, we make your job easier and help you win more business. We help technology firms to avoid all these common pitfalls. Our clients value our ability, as a specialist marketing agency, to fully understand the underpinning technology and how that can help your customers. We successfully translate complex technology into a compelling value proposition supported by key marketing messages that really resonate with your buyers.

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Common Marketing Challenges for Technology Firms

In our experience of working with technology firms, from a sales & marketing point of view, some of the major challenges these firms typically face are:

Differentiating yourself in a competitive market

Being able to cut through the noise and differentiate your product/solution in a competitive market, based on elements of value that matter to your customers

Penetrating the market and increasing market share

In a crowded marketplace with a variety of solutions, being able to attract interest and convert sales to sustainably increase your market share

Effectively communicating the value you offer

Clearly communicating the true value of your technology solution in perfect alignment with what is important to your customer to transform their business

Explaining complex technology in simple language

Being able to translate the technical details of your product/ solution into language that is relevant to your customer's world

Why clients choose to work with us

Team with an engineering & technology background

Our team comes from an engineering and technology background, so we understand technology at a deep level and can quickly grasp the application to your customers’ businesses

Specialist focus on technology companies

We have skills and experience in the marketing of technology firms to different target market sectors. We bring the understanding of what works best for you and will engage buyers to deliver maximum value

Blend of strategic & operational capability

Our team brings a blend of strategic and operational marketing capability which ensures that your day-to-day marketing aligns with and contributes towards your long-term strategic goals

Business value creation and growth focus

We are focused on helping you to create and maximise the long-term value in your business so that you and your shareholders/partners can realise the value in your investment

We commit our time to fully understand your business, the technology and the different elements of value it offers to your buyers. Our team becomes part of your team to help you achieve your objectives. As a result, we become a trusted partner and advisor for you and your business.

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How can we help?

Some of the common questions that trigger our clients to work with our technology marketing experts include:
  1. How to build a strong sales pipeline?
  2. How to grow the digital presence of my technology business?
  3. How to develop a commercialisation plan for a new technology product?
  4. How to generate leads for the business?
  5. How to develop a new market entry plan or an export marketing plan?
  6. How can I improve the messaging on my website?
  7. How to develop a strong value proposition for my business?
  8. How to develop a business plan to secure external funding?
  9. What is the right pricing model for my technology business?
  10. How to plan for a technology roadshow in a new market?
  11. How to write compelling web content to rank higher on Google?

To discuss the specific challenges that you are trying to address within your business, please contact our technology marketing team .

Types of Technology Firms we have worked with

IT Services

Fintech Industry

Manufacturing/ process automation services

Cyber Security Services

Manufacturing services

Medical device technology

Software services – SaaS

Engineering Design Services

Telecoms services