Value Proposition Design and Development to engage your B2B customer

In this second video of our Customer Value Proposition series, we introduce a great framework for value proposition design and development in your business.

When we are involved in Value Proposition Design with our clients, the starting point is building a detailed and complete Customer Profile of your target customer. In many instances this is the first point of failure for businesses embarking on this activity themselves. We have seen businesses develop a Customer Persona and while this is an interesting view of your customer, it lacks the detail needed to truly understand your customer fully. Our approach to Customer profile development delivers real insight into the your customer’s world, what they’re dealing with day to day and what their ambitions are on a social, emotional and personal level. As a result, what is really valuable here is that we get to build an understanding of what is actually important and therefore valuable to your customer.

As part of your value proposition design it is important to realise that this exercise is not about building a headline marketing message. Instead, it is about enabling your team to build a bond with your target customer as a result of truly understanding their priorities and relating to them fully.

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