Value Proposition B2B examples: The Challenge

Value Proposition – B2B Examples

In this first video, of our Customer Value Proposition series, we discuss Value Proposition B2B examples. In addition, highlight some of the key challenges that business leaders face in developing their customer value proposition. We also use some real-world Value Proposition B2B examples to highlight where businesses are going wrong.

All too often, businesses focus on the functional aspects of their products or services, i.e. what your business provides your customer. While this may be useful, it is not communicating your value proposition to your B2B customer. Some businesses can articulate the benefits that the products/services are providing customers. Again, this is a relevant and useful build on the functional aspects. But it is still not fully focused on the real value to your customer.

For Value Propositions in B2B markets to be effective, you need to understand your target customer at a detailed level. This vital customer intelligence is the foundation for mapping the value you deliver and how important this value is to your customer. Over the rest of this series of videos we will break this down into stages and explain how you can develop a compelling value proposition for your products and services.

While it can be very challenging to develop your value proposition in B2B markets, it is a very worthwhile exercise. Having a strong customer value proposition will play a key role in helping you win more new business.

Our Value Proposition Process

Shaping Business uses a structured framework to help develop your value proposition. This enables us to build the value around your client and redefine a compelling value proposition. Our team understands the buyers of professional services and technology solutions. As a result, we create a value proposition that concisely articulates the true value of your business.

You can watch our next video on Value Proposition Design and Development.

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