What is the right marketing model for your business?

Technology and professional services organisations have a core competence around specific fields of expertise. While the supporting areas of Finance, HR, IT and marketing are essential to every business they are not a core competence. In our latest viewpoint, we ask what the right marketing model is for these businesses.

We assess the four marketing models that are available and expose the benefits and risks of

a) recruiting a junior marketing resource,
b) recruiting a senior marketing resource or
c) engaging with multiple marketing suppliers (consultant/freelancer, digital marketing, design, print, PR etc.) or
d) using outsourced marketing services.

There is a strong business case for the outsourced marketing model including:

  1. A single accountable and responsible point of authority for marketing delivery
  2. Cost savings compared to the overheads of recruiting, training and retaining internal staff
  3. Flexibility to scale up or scale down the level of marketing activity to suit peaks of demand in the business
  4. A rich blend of strategic and operational skills and experience to address the business needs
  5. Rapid delivery of value through a reduced learning curve, established systems, processes, tools and best practice
  6. A stable marketing model with a depth of knowledge of the business and its markets and longevity of commitment to the business.

Across the industry, disruptive forces are changing the way businesses and markets operate. There is an increasing need for agility and innovation in businesses to evolve in these changing market environments. The outsourced marketing model enables this agility and provides a valuable impartial perspective on your business.