Landing Page – ICT Compliance and risk in the Financial Services sector

We help Financial Services organisations to leverage the technology architecture to drive efficiencies, reduce costs and minimise the risk of non-compliance.

The regulatory environment has increased the pressure on the financial services sector reducing profitability and hampering the ability to innovate the technology architecture. Compliance and technology functions within financial institutions are challenged with improving the control and management of their compliance technology architecture.

We provide our clients with a range of consulting services that delivers valuable recommendations to transform the technology architecture to meet current and future regulations more effectively:

Technology Strategy Assessment
We review your current compliance technology architecture and strategic decisions to identify opportunities to mitigate risk and gaps across the compliance technology environment.

Compliance process and risk management
We review your current compliance and risk management processes to identify areas to improve operational compliance efficiency and minimise the scope for non-compliance.

Contract assessment
We assess your external ICT arrangements and contracts to determine your current risk profile and identify areas of improvement in order to facilitate current and future regulatory compliance.

Governance assessment
We review your governance processes to establish a current risk process maturity and provide you with recommendations to improve risk governance within the compliance technology environment.

Our approach enables Financial Institutions to avoid costly regulatory fines and deliver an infrastructure to enable business transformation.