Our Approach 

Business is all about creating value. Driving sustainable business growth is only part of the picture. Business innovation, operational and management effectiveness are also key aspects in creating long term business value. 

We understand the levers of business value creation.

Business Value Creation Framework 

This programme helps you create value in your business when you are:

Succession planning

Growth planning 

Productivity improvement planning

Enabling Innovation

Reviewing management effectiveness

Exit Planning 

How we do it 

At Shaping Business, we collaboratively work with senior stakeholders in your business using a structured framework and methodology to create and realise the value in your business.

We provide valuable guidance, independent advice and support to help you plan and implement a Business Value Creation programme to increase the value of your business.

Our Business Value Creation programme will enable you to:

Assess your current growth strategy and how it creates value

Review your operational effectiveness and identify areas to increase value creation

Assess the business management and its impact on business value 

Assess risk management in the business and any threats to eroding business value

Identify and execute a Business Value Creation programme to increase business value 

Realise the business value through an appropriate exit strategy

Our experienced team can help you to increase your  business' value so that you and your fellow shareholders can realise the value in your investment.