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Brexit planning to enable your business to assess the potential impact for you and how you can manage the risks to your business

With time running out, uncertainty still surrounds the details of Britain’s exit from the EU, as businesses in every sector try to prepare for Brexit. Questions remain as to what the real-term economic impact will be to their industry and day-to-day operations. A constant stream of vague political rhetoric has also offered little reassurance to UK businesses as they begin their preparations.

At Shaping Business, we have developed an efficient process using an industry-recognised risk management framework to identify and assess the risks associated with Brexit, even in a worst-case leave scenario of “no-deal”. This framework can be applied to companies in the engineering, manufacturing, technology, IT and professional services sector.

Through our Brexit Planning service, we will work with your team to establish an understanding of the challenges that Brexit brings to your business. From here, we will discuss and agree on a specific Brexit scenario that the risk assessment will be framed around. We will undertake a comprehensive risk assessment to determine the likelihood and impact of key risks on your business. This will encompass all areas of the business, from sales, right through to supply-chain and resourcing. We will work together to determine how each risk can be managed within your business and identify the action plans that need to be implemented.

We have already successfully delivered Brexit planning services to clients in the UK and the EU, helping them understand the actions they need to take to fully prepare for Brexit.

Our Brexit Planning service allows you to:

  1. Identify all business risks presented by the potential Brexit scenarios
  2. Evaluate the impact of risks on the business in the short and long term
  3. Determine an appropriate business response
  4. Establish mitigation or management strategies to deal with each  specific risk
  5. Identify and plan actions that need to be implemented over the next 12 months

This Brexit planning risk management is typically delivered in five consulting days over a two-week period, so businesses can get peace of mind for a relatively small investment.

Our skilled team have over 25 years of business experience and are committed to keeping up to date with the most relevant Brexit news and reports, to provide a relevant and comprehensive service, for your peace of mind throughout Brexit and any potential transitional period.

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