As Britain’s exit from the European Union fast approaches, it is critical businesses plan for Brexit now. However, as uncertainty still surrounds Brexit’s outcome, even at this late stage,  businesses have been left wondering “What do we even plan for?’’.

Due to this uncertainty there are Business Planning for Brexit Seminars being delivered by various organisations. These seminars are focused on raising awareness of the potential issues around Brexit for businesses, in general. However, these Planning for Brexit Business seminars do not typically help businesses to identify their specific risks, their likelihood and impact and the options to mitigate these specific risks associated with Brexit in the business.

We at Shaping Business believe in enabling businesses to not just learn about the impact of Brexit but also understand its impact and plan to mitigate against the risks of Brexit. 

As a result, we deliver a workshop style programme for Planning for Brexit instead of a seminar.               .Brexit Seminar

Our Planning for Brexit Business Workshop is a highly interactive and outcome focused programme that utilises an industry-recognised risk management framework to help you identify and assess the risks Brexit poses to your business.
By the end of this unique workshop, you will gain...
  • A better understanding of the implications of Brexit for SME businesses
  • Clarity on the Brexit risks and opportunities for your business
  • A focus on the key priorities in your business having identified and quantified your Brexit risks
  • An opportunity to consider and discuss as part of a peer group how to mitigate common risks
  • An initial Brexit Action Plan to enable you to start the process of preparing for Brexit
  • A greater confidence in your readiness for Brexit.
The workshop produces real deliverables, that can be implemented within the business immediately, including:

Brexit Planning Workbook

Brexit Risk Register

Brexit Action Plan

The workshop is delivered by our skilled trainers with over 25 years of business experience. The Planning for Brexit Business Workshop can be delivered in-house, tailored to your organisation. Contact us for more information.