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Multi-channel B2B lead generation programme generating more quality leads to feed your sales pipeline

Lead generation is the lifeblood for Technology and Professional Services firms. Businesses that invest the time and effort in building internal capability, processes and systems to improve the effectiveness of lead generation, establish a platform for sustainable growth. Failing to do so can result in lower quality leads and declining sales pipelines revenues.

At Shaping Business, we help you to establish an effective b2b lead generation engine within your business that consists of a programme of activities over a period of time that continuously delivers new leads and opportunities. We have developed and mastered a B2B lead generation model, which has been successfully implemented by over 150 businesses to generate good quality leads.

Our B2B lead generation programme enables you to:

  1. Benchmark the lead generation engine of your business along with an improvement programme. (Complete our online lead generation benchmark now.)
  2. Establish the lead generation needs of the business to deliver a healthy sales pipeline
  3. Identify the current demand drivers in your target markets
  4. Develop a prioritised and segmented target market list
  5. Devise an optimum combination of tactics and channels to engage the target prospects
  6. Identify the content needed to drive engagement and nurture prospects
  7. Develop an action plan and implement the lead generation programme to deliver required results
  8. Track and monitor the results to provide market intelligence to the business and to continuously improve the lead generation programme.

We are committed to generating more quality leads to feed your sales pipeline and help you build a sustainable and growing business.

What clients say about our B2B lead generation programme:

Exceptional – practical, to-the-point and full of valuable insights into how to design and implement a targeted Lead Generation Plan. We have already successfully generated a lead. – Digital Media Services Company

Made a substantial contribution to our business by developing and implementing an initiative which generated 255% more leads. – IT Consultancy