At Shaping Business, we use an internationally recognised framework for strong and compelling Value Proposition Development, to help technology and professional services firms convert more opportunities and win more business. The framework is called the Value Proposition Model.

The Value Proposition Model, developed by Strategyzer, is a great tool. But like any tool, it needs to be applied correctly to get the desired results.

Although you can find lots of instructional videos online on how to use the framework, businesses are still getting it wrong.

Let’s first look at the signs that tell you that you still have a problem with your value proposition:

  • Your value proposition is not compelling, despite the use of a structured framework
  • The Value proposition canvas does not provide direction for product/service improvement, future innovation or new product development (NPD)
  • The business still struggles to leverage the information to market their products/services better and drive better quality sales meetings
  • And most importantly, you struggle to win more business

So why do businesses struggle to extract the full value out of this framework and use it effectively?

From our experience, there are five main reasons for this:

  1. The customer profile is developed around your offer to the customer rather than around the actual needs, jobs and issues of the customer.
  2. The development of the value proposition canvas hasn’t involved all key stakeholders.
  3. When populating the customer profile, certain assumptions are made based on pre-conceived ideas in the business.
  4. A common issue is that users struggle to distinguish between what is a customer’s job and what is a gain/pain.
  5. When this analysis is done as an internal exercise it can be either overly influenced by a strong-minded individual or suffer from group-think which achieves a consensus but doesn’t reflect reality.


Watch our video below, and if you are struggling to develop a compelling value proposition using a value proposition model, contact us for support.