Case Study – Unified communications for global pharmaceutical company

Client: Global pharmaceutical company

Engagement type: Strategy and sourcing development

Client benefits: Savings of 30-40% on communications services

The global pharmaceutical company was in the process of refurbishing its UK head office. To coincide with this, its planned refresh of the local PBX (which had reached end-of-life) and its mobile voice, mobile data and home broadband contracts were due for renewal.

The project
The UK IS team sought assistance from <our company> to draw on its experience of unified communications services and to establish a coherent strategy and set of defined service requirements for all fixed and mobile communications services.

The strategy was required to support the issue of a consolidated request for proposals (RFP) to the market, and this project was delivered in three phases:• Phase 1 – delivered a due diligence assessment of existing mobile voice, mobile data and fixed voice services. Inventory, volume and spend information was analysed and numerous ‘quick win’ activities were identified during this phase.• Phase 2 – defined the communications technology strategy for each of the services and performed a detailed evaluation of the opportunities identified.• Phase 3 – established the functional requirements for communications technology services to support the RFP process.

Final deliverables included a communications technology strategy report document, a set of consolidated RFP requirements for mobile, remote office and head office service packages and a template RFP report card.

During the sourcing phase we reviewed and evaluated the supplier proposals. A report was produced with recommendations for the pharmaceutical to implement the strategy. The report included a risk analysis of delivery and implementation.

Adding value
The internal and external environment analysis conducted by us identified 15 specific opportunities to consolidate and improve the capability of existing communications technology services, including:• specific ‘quick win’ cost saving measures;• deploying a hosted or on-premise VoIP call platform;• improving collaboration tools; and• increasing the use of mobile email.

The RFP requirements derived from the strategy helped our client successfully go to market for improved communications services under constrained timescales. The subsequent sourcing programme delivered savings of between 30-40% on fixed and mobile communications services.

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