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Marketing & Business Development Strategy to establish a platform for growth

Operating in a dynamic environment where market conditions are continually changing can make it difficult for you to differentiate your business from competitors. Both established companies and startups often fail to keep in tune with technological trends, industry advancements, competitive landscape and evolving customer needs when planning for the future direction of their business. This lack of strategic insight can cause business leaders to make ill informed decisions, resulting in lack of strategic focus, declining sales and loss of market share.

Shaping Business works with technology and professional services firms to provide strategic advice, underpinned by insightful market analysis, to enable the development of a successful marketing strategy. We use structured frameworks to formulate a coherent strategy that is both executable and practical for your business. Our results driven approach and independent perspective ensures your strategy is intrinsically linked to the sustainable growth and success of your business.

Access to our B2B strategic marketing support will enable you to:

  1. Challenge preconceived ideas developed within the business to gain clarity of focus and strategic direction
  2. Assess current performance and identify remedial actions for your business
  3. Establish long term quantified and qualified goals for your business
  4. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business
  5. Identify market trends, environmental factors and the requirements of your target market
  6. Establish a compelling differentiated positioning for your business
  7. Develop a comprehensive strategy which incorporates all elements of the marketing mix and revenue forecasts
  8. Identify the risks and constraints for your business and how you can plan to mitigate them

Our dedicated team understand the need for a compelling marketing strategy and we are passionate about providing you with a solid platform for growth.