New service launched to identify your website visitors

We are pleased to formally launch a valuable service to help B2B firms generate more business leads from the website. Nurture Web Leads is a hosted service that works in a similar way to Google Analytics, but instead of just providing statistics on web visitors it actually identifies who the company is that is visiting your website! This provides you with the opportunity to proactively target your web visitors with relevant content and messages.

The service has been running for over 12 months and we already have clients using the service to generate business leads. Now we are opening the service out to the rest of the market for those companies that would value being able to know who is on their website.

This hosted service also provides detailed information on the keywords used by companies to find you, the pages the visited and how long they visited the pages. This provides really useful information to understand their key interests and act on that information in your follow-up activity.

So, what can you do with this information? The information provided by Nurture Web Leads can be used to feed your lead generation plans and assist your business development or internal sales teams. The companies identified can become part of your lead nurturing plans and once you know which product/ service are they interested in, your business development and sales teams have a specific topic to approach and discuss with them. This means that your teams are in a better position to have more meaningful conversations with greater potential to qualify leads and convert them into sales.

Similarly the information provided by Nurture Web Leads is valuable to your marketing team. Analysis of the website visitor’s interactions, their entry/ exit pages, keyword search terms used, can inform the marketing teams on how their website is performing and how it can be improved. Marketing campaigns and messaging can also be improved to attract more relevant visitors to the website and improve the web visitor’s experience.

Unlike other solutions we don’t tie you up in long term contracts, instead we provide a full 30 day free trial and an affordable monthly or annual plan, giving you complete flexibility and the option to terminate the service at the end of any month. Visit for more information.