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Marketing Insights

04 Nov 2011

Social Media Stage 1: Leveraging LinkedIn

Our previous blog post highlighted a Social Media Roadmap for Professional Services firms. Now we are going to build on that by sharing the practical steps you can take to build your firms visibility through social media. The first stage is all about leveraging LinkedIn. Most professionals have a profile on LinkedIn however it is surprising to see how many have failed to use this powerful tool to increase awareness of their firm or harness its potential to generate business leads.

LinkedIn has over 100m+ professionals around the world with 20m+ members in Europe, 5m+ in the UK and more than 2m companies have LinkedIn Company Pages (June 2011). It is a rich source of information on prospects, hot topics and recommended service providers. The following practical guidelines outline current LinkedIn best practice:

07 Jul 2011

The social media roadmap – Five key principles

From breaking super-injunctions to successfully launching new products and brands, the power of social media is undeniable. Yet many professional services firms are unsure what elements of social media, if any, are relevant to their businesses. Some firms have already reported successes. Yet most have struggled to achieve any significant impact, despite a considerable investment in resources and time.

19 May 2011

Five steps to better proposal / bid management

In the consultancy sector win rates of 1 in 3 are average. However the reality is many firms are not even getting close to this figure. Research found that over 50% of business developers admitted that if they were in their prospect’s shoes, their own proposals would not persuade them to buy. So how can consulting firms increase their bid win rates?

Experience working with a wide variety of consulting firms has led Shaping Business to conclude that there are five principles of bid management that increase the chances of winning business in what is an increasingly competitive marketplace: 

18 Apr 2011

Four steps to driving your top line growth

Many professional services firms are spending 20% of turnover on marketing and business development when fee earners time is included. Yet most struggle to see the kind of top line impact that should be expected for such a sizeable investment. So why aren’t these firms getting better results?

Our research suggests that the problem is less about the quantity of time and effort invested and more about the way it is deployed. Marketing and business development costs are often spread across multiple accounting pots with different owners. The outcome can be an unproductive jumble of activities with many not executed well.