Resourcing and funding lead generation

Through our Lead Generation Workshops we have met almost 100 businesses keen to turn an aspiration to grow into a reality. Lead Generation is consistently regarded as the engine that can drive this growth. So why are some businesses really successful in Lead Generation and some not?

In truth, there are different contributory factors for different businesses but these can all be summed up in one word – execution. Those that have been successful have embraced the structure we shared and executed this well within their business. In one of our most successful examples a client more than doubled their customer base and increased sales by 30% within 12 months. That perfectly highlights what really is possible with this approach. Put simply, a Lead Generation programme well executed will help you grow your business.

The resourcing and funding issues continue to be the biggest challenges facing businesses implementing their Lead Generation progammes.

The resource challenge

From a resourcing perspective the availability of the right mix of resources can be a problem for ambitious businesses with constrained resources. You need a mix of skillsets including strategic thinking, research and planning, crafting compelling messages, executing integrated marketing campaigns, tracking and measuring results and continually refining the approach. At Shaping Business we have that mix of skills and we have been successfully working with clients providing valuable resources to drive their Lead Generation. So resourcing does not have to continue to be a barrier for you.

The funding challenge

The funding of Lead Generation is a simple business investment decision. Our experience has shown with the right resources well designed and well executed Lead Generation programmes deliver the Return on Investment (ROI). You can calculate and justify what that investment should be for your business. What is your revenue/growth target this year? How many new customers/clients would you need to achieve your targets? How much extra profit would these new clients generate for your business? So how much can you now justify spending to deliver that target? It is that simple.

Making lead generation happen

If your biggest challenge lies in executing your Lead Generation plans you need to do something about that because it is stopping you from winning new business.  We can help you to execute your Lead Generation programme. And because we know what works, we are confident we can generate the results you need to grow your business.